Have sex with real sex doll of high quality silicone

Best sex dolls are most often completely made of silicone of high quality. In female dolls often one or more openings: mouth, vagina and anus. Real Sex Dolls are less motorized. Some of the dolls have been deliberately intended kärjistettyjä and role play, fantasies, experimentation and fun.

Sex with doll should always be used for a suitable lubricant to ensure full enjoyment! An improper lubricant can ruin the dummy material. Cleaning the manufacturer’s instructions should be followed. Plain soap may damage some materials. I recommend to use cleaning and hygieniasuihkeita.

More variety and atmosphere you get when you wear seksinukellesi sex clothes, a wig or ordinary clothes! Many dolls with fixed face can wear make-up. with more of a dummy you can arrange a threesome, say, the experience with the 2-3 girl at the same time! You can take the doll out of the Summer luontopanoon. Many doll enthusiasts describe seksileikkejään. Sex with a doll you can hustle with the same things as with your girlfriend, or even more, because the doll is always ready and just as uninhibited as you do!

real sex doll

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