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Silicone Dolls Japanese Real Doll — 158cm Elena

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Product Description

Silicone Dolls can be made with varieties of posts, which allows real size and very authentic-looking sex doll. Suzien lovely, long, full-bodied hair, plush tits and made of ultra-realistic recreations of LOVE CLONE vagina and anus just waiting for you for a decent ride.

It is a wonderfully soft feel and a real pussy downright sucks the hot, bustling city deep into the bowels. And tight anus suck the last juices when cum deep in its bowels. Both tunnels are filled with great kaluasi seemingly massaging bumps. The vagina can be removable, so it is very easy to keep clean, and you can also use it as such.

This beauty’s hands are movable and they are a truly authentic look. The face is shaped for unique 3D technology. Elena has lovely brown hair and strikingly real-looking eyelashes. And, moreover, it is still a powerful engine! Now the amazing features with top doll really economical price!

Net length(Heel to neck):140cm
The waist:60.5cm
Under bust:68cm
On the chest:85.5cm
Shoulder width:36cm
Thigh circumference:41cm
Calf circumference:27.5cm
Lower body (heel to waist):94cm
Medial thigh length:76cm
Calf length:43cm
Arm length:66cm
Palm length:16.5cm
Foot length:21.5cm

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