Realistic Doll Silicon Doll — 158cm Kate

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Product Description

Hey … I’m Kate and I am full of sex. And now I want to follow the hot and hard! I’m slightly more mature, so I know what I want. Superior and tight pussy just waiting for the hot stone hard pulsating dick. I know I was-hot pack, so what are you waiting for?

As an experienced realistic doll. I also want a hard dick deep into vagina. Thrust inside me kullisi properly, rail tukastani and give me the toughest rides ever! Lustful breasts and soft nipples just waiting to love your touch … my pussy and ass are Fanta Flesh way to the skin, so much closer to the real can not even get!

Net length(Heel to neck):140cm
The waist:60.5cm
Under bust:68cm
On the chest:85.5cm
Shoulder width:36cm
Thigh circumference:41cm
Calf circumference:27.5cm
Lower body (heel to waist):94cm
Medial thigh length:76cm
Calf length:43cm
Arm length:66cm
Palm length:16.5cm
Foot length:21.5cm



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