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Real Sex Doll Reall Doll — 165cm Flora

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Real Sex is a “sex partner”, who is always ready to play a small moment. Real Sex enjoys everything what you want her to enjoy. Sex Dolls can be the change of pace, substitute or just for the fun of tools for small pikasessiosta always fantasy marathon. Sex Doll rarely replace the real thing, but surely surprise. Sex Doll with being alone may be twice as enjoyable. Sex Doll with easy fly the imagination and fantasize when the experience becomes much more fun than your “unknown hand” in the company.

Neck circumference:33cm
Upper Breast:78cm
Under Bust Girth:57cm
Arm Length:62cm
Leg Length:82cm
Hand Girth:18.5cm
Thigh Girth:42cm
Calf Girth:27cm
Foot Length:21cm

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