Free & Discreet Shipping

No wonder people love Total. We provide you not only with free shipping worldwide but also special arrangements for discreet shipping.

Variety of Options

Total was developed with men’s demands in mind, there are tons of options for customizing your dream girl.

High Quality

We use 100% high quality silicone, CE standered metal skeleton. Every real sex doll is totally customized according to your demands.

Top Selling Real Sex Doll

Total is our most advanced, best selling and highest quality real sex doll to date.
Everything you would expect and more from one of the most popular real sex doll out there!


Options of Heads

You can choose your favorite heads with you favorite body. Heads from 100cm to 125cm only apply for 100cm to 125cm bodies; heads from 138cm to 165cm apply for bodies with height from 138cm to 165cm.

Wigs & Eyes

With the doll that you purchased, we can provide you free wigs and eyes. You can choose the color and type from the description of each doll. Just a click, you will get it.

New Function

It is nice to see that we have been improving our technology. Real sex doll of 145cm & 158cm height have the function of body temperature. The temperature comes closer to real-life body temperature.

Built-In & Insert

Each real sex doll has two types of vagina: built-in and insert. Built-in means the vagina can not be took out, just one. Insert means that you can take out the vagina to wash it, it’s dismountable.


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24/7 excellent customer service. We are always here for your help, once your order is received, we will send you an e-mail about your order & shipping details.


No matter before or after ordering, please send us mails for more questions. Our mail address: We are glad to hear from you.